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Your vehicle is always on the go and needs to be regularly checked for wear and tear to avoid any unprecedented breakdowns. At Holman's, you'll get comprehensive, quality auto repair services.


Our facility is equipped with all the tools and equipment to repair your broken car in no time. You can count on our knowledgeable and experienced mechanics to deliver great outcomes for all your auto repair and maintenance needs.



Your car's brakes and tires play a crucial role in it's stability.  Withouth proper maintence, they can endanger your safety on the road. Count on the experienced technicians at Holman's to make sure your car's brakes and tires are well maintained.

Services include:


- Tire Rotation / mounts

- Replace disc brakes, rotors and pads

- Replace calipers and hardware

- Replace brake drums  and shoes

- Repair parking brake cables

- Repair ABS Systems



We offer a variety of auto repair services. Sometimes though, you just need a good check-up.  Our routine maintenance includes:


- Oil changes

- Fluid changes

- Vehicle inspections

- Coolant flushes

- Brake fluid




Car just not running right? Is a light on? Whether your car needs a quick tune-up or a complete electrical repair, we have you covered.  Most cars today have an onboard computer system that needs thorough diagnosis and checkup for optimal performance. Our techs have all the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver great outcomes for your automotive tune-up and electrical needs


Services Include:


- Check engine light diagnosis

- Inspect engine components

- Spark plug repair & replacement

- Spark plug wire replacement

- Diagnostics of battery, starter, alternator, and more

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